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  • Manor Ilzes-Ezer (Ilgas)

The first time the estate Ilzes-Ezer was mentioned in 1703, since 1893 it belonged to von Wagner. In 1832 the Wagner family bought the land from the beautiful lake and began the construction of Ilzes manor house in the Gothic Revival style. Nowadays only parts of the house has remained...

  • The Roman Catholic church

Medumsky Catholic church was built in 1933-1935 under the supervision of the abbot J. Plonis.

  • Biking trails

The network of roads in the parish Medumi allows you to visit interesting places and allow you to enjoy the beautiful nature of the parish, meet people and see tourism objects.

  • Old Believer prayer house

Produced studies of historical sources revealed that the first Old Believers in the Baltic States appeared at the end of the XVII century. Baltic Old Believers came from Novgorod, Pskov and other north-eastern side of the Moscow Russia.

  • Old Oak (600 years old)

Medumi parish has its own coat of arms. Author of the idea came from Medumi, a graduate of Riga Technical University Sergey Poltavets, however a sketch was created by Latvian artist Janis Strupulis, the author of many coats of arms.

  • Natural Park "Medumi ezerayne"

Located in the area of protected landscape Augshemskiy. Initially it was a complex nature reserve, founded in 1977. Area - 1,375 hectares. "Medumu ezerayne" covers the middle part of the region Augshemskiy hill. Characterized by pronounced hills, ridges and shafts; surface height is 145-171 m.

  • Zemgalsky Roman Catholic Church

In 1922 the dean of Daugavpils parish A. Pastor was given the land for the church by Belinskis. Archbishop Anthony Springovich founded a new parish and Anton Chaman was appointed as its first abbot...

  • Mills Pakrac

  • Egyptian Evangelical Lutheran Church

The building of Egyptian Lutheran Church in Vilkumieste was started by landlord A. Etingen in 1823. In 1863 the tower of the church was built. Church was damaged during the First World War and during the Second World War was completely destroyed...

  • Hunting

During the hunt, you will have a unique opportunity to catch valuable species of game animals: deer, wild boar, beaver, pheasant and others.